I’ve been invited to take part in this massive 2 day art / music extravaganza at The Roxy in Edinburgh.

Check the Hidden Door site for details on everyone who is participating but, for my part, I’ll be doing an intimate poetry performance which will involve music from Ragland, hot tea (or port), biscuits and a live, one-on-one reading.

I am not going to try and describe what the performance will involve but it will take about 15 minutes and it will be unlike any other poetry reading you’ve ever been to.

That’s not to say it will be good — but it will be different. There will also be artwork, so you don’t have to look directly at me all the time.

Here’s the details on the rest of the Hidden Door experience. Do buy tickets now, there is going to be loads of amazing art and performances. The band list alone should have you psyched to come along. Pretty much everyone you know / everyone you want to know will be there. How can you not go?

Hidden Door is a new venture aimed at bringing together innovative artists from all disciplines to create an exciting multi-sensory snapshot and celebration of the incredible creativity in the arts going on across Edinburgh and Scotland, all around us, under one roof for a whole weekend in January.

Tickets cost £10 and you can get them HERE. If you buy them online the lovely people at tentracks.co.uk have offered up 10 free MP3 downloads! Sweet deal and well worth it just for the music. Check it out!

Jan 30 & 31st at The Roxy Art House!