In this week’s Multicoloured Coloured Culture Laser I sat down with Leonora Olmi and Lydia Beilby of Screen Bandita, a collective where previously abandoned film can be given new lease of life through its contextual re-imagination and exposure to a new audience. They curated a bunch of the Cameo’s double features, made a series of awesome Super 8 movies, and now encompasses old and charmingly obsolete formats of all stripes. They rule and have a great grasp of unusual cinematic sensibilities and a very particular kind of nostalgia for film that will bust your mind. Plus our friend, the magnificent William Letford, reads us a wintery poem giving us something to think about in the snow with the slow traffic and life-saving mugs of tea. I have been places with William whose work is often observant, funny and wise. And finally, we feature two tracks from the new album The Mule and The Elephant from The Payroll Union, these guys are deep and play super loud when they get together, which is something I love as much as their keen take on Americana. Get their album at the bandcamp like nowish. It’s all here, hit the play button and let us light up your ears.