Culture Laser Live in Berlin

July 3, 2014

We took Culture Laser on the road to Berlin, where we were the guests of the Altes Finanzamt and a live studio audience. Featuring Sholem Krishtalka, who discusses his fascinating A Berlin Diary which explores and documents his life in Berlin. Filmmaker Imogen Heath, co-founder of NowMomentNow, talks about her artistic practice and the film she showed to the audience in Berlin. And finally we feature Sticky Biscuits: Marc & Naomi play cute, nerdy & naughty tunes. And do donate to their Crowdfunding campaign. Plus from the Culture Laser Collective Band: The Hilarious Psycho-Acoustic Enterprise (Drock & Alex’s Hilarious Productions). Recorded by Dirk Markham, presented by Ryan Van Winkle and produced by Colin Fraser of Culture Laser Productions.

Culture Laser is LIVE IN BERLIN!

May 29, 2014

CL-berlinCulture Laser Live

“That’s Right – We’re Doing it Live”

The Multi-Coloured Culture Laser enters Berlin for a night of performance, discussion, drinking, and hot hilarious uke action. A podcast experience for your eyes & your hearts – done fucking live.


Sholem Krishtalka: Berlin diarist, Lurker, Tarot card maker—offering personal, political & compelling insights through art.

Imogen Heath: Sex, dark, light, beauty, humans, rabbits & music on film. Co-founder of

Sticky Biscuits: Marc & Naomi play cute, nerdy & naughty tunes on ukulele!

+ tunes from the Culture Laser Collective Band: The Hilarious Psycho-Acoustic Enterprise (Drock & Alex’s Hilarious Productions)

pow pow zap!

When: Sunday! 8 June, 8PM!


altes finanzamt

Schönstedtstraße 7 – EG Neukölln 12043 Berlin