Ryan hosting Highlight Arctic

April 2, 2015

If you like great films about parts of the world that don’t tend to cross our radar, Highlight Arts has just the thing. On Tuesday 14 April in the Red Lecture Theatre in Summerhall I’ll be hosting Highlight Arctic an evening of films, slides, stories and discussion on the landscape, ecology and culture of the High North, at a time when the Arctic region is experiencing enormous and rapid transition.

I’ll be joined by award-winning author Gavin Francis, geographic-architects Lateral North and the Highlight Arctic team to uncover some of the unique peoples, events, research and artworks shaping and defining life in the Arctic today. Hope to see you there!

What: Highlight Arctic

When: Tuesday 14 April, 8-9.30pm.

Where: Red Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh

How Much: £8/£6, (£4 for #SciPals students)

Ryan at the Writers Return Series at Summerhall

February 22, 2015

This Thursday 26 February I’ll be performing alongside Alan Bissett, Anne Donovan and the inimitable William Letford at Summerhall for the Writers Return series, organised by the British Council. We’ll all be telling stories from our time spent writing our way around the world, it’s free but ticketed, it’ll be great. Hope to see you there.

Viewmaster at the Edinburgh Fringe

July 7, 2014

Excellent news! The pictures, words and music extravaganza ViewMaster will be showing in the magnificent Summerhall SIXTEEN TIMES per day, from 2-3.45pm and 6-7.45pm, every day from Friday 1 August – Sunday 24 August. Do come along.

Ryan Van Winkle (poet) Dan Gorman (sound artist) lead you on a playful, sometimes surreal, journey to a distant land in under 15 minutes. In a set designed by artist Faith Eliott, Dan & Ryan bring you on a unique visual-sonic-poetic journey to one of four destinations: Mecca, the River Nile, Holland or the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. ViewMaster is more than just a performance; it is an immersive experience for an audience of one which starts in a child-like den and whisks you away to another world.

ViewMaster is a personal & poetic slideshow for your eyes and ears only. An imaginative leap to another country and a step back to the wonder of childhood.


Adrift with Screen Bandita Reviewed in The Skinny

March 4, 2014

Kind words in this edition of The Skinny in their review of Adrift @ Summerhall, the AV extravaganza featuring myself and Screen Bandita. Read all those words here.


Richard Demarco on the Culture Laser

February 4, 2014

In our first episode of 2014, we talk with the legendary Richard Demarco about culture, festivals, failure and the importance of art. Speaking at his archive at Summerhall, Richard discusses his long association with the vibrant arts scene in Scotland and shares some of his thoughts about the current scene. We also feature the new track Change by Billy Liar from his latest EP All I’ve Got, available on Bandcamp. Produced by Colin Fraser of Culture Laser Productions (@culturelaser). Culture Laser acknowledges the generous support of Creative Scotland.

A small selection of Demarco’s thoughts on art, Edinburgh, and life at large:

– being a human being means you live only a very short time, you stretch your arms out they don’t go very far, you can only see up to the point of the horizon. my job is to persuade human beings that they should extend, with the language of the arts, the idea of where they are. but art is misunderstood – if you look at the history of the edinburgh festival – the model for the world’s festival – the festival is now not about art, not about culture on the highest level, it is essentially about entertainment.

– all art ascends, if it is worth tuppence, to the quality of prayer. prayer is acknowledging your limitations as a creature. we are here for a very short time but we are inextricably linked to every other aspect of ceaturedom.

– my eyes are always fixed in any race on the two or three runners who are losers. I’m not interested in the people that win. I’m interested in the poor people that have to lose so that others can win. and nobody should be told ‘you have won, you are special.’ I’m against that! I’m for the people who lose because art is about dealing with human weakness, and dealing with the fact that no matter how hard you try you aren’t going to win. there is no such thing as a winner. not in this world.

– if they are in love with their achievements they are second rate.

– unless there is a risk involved in what you do, don’t do it. don’t play a team that is going to be a walk-over, don’t run a race that you aim simply to win. be content to allow someone else to win. nobody wins a cup at Wimbledon depends on all the people who are not going to get to the final. we have to understand that. we have to stop this nonsense. winners and losers. everybody is a loser. it is our condition — mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa – it is my fault, it is my fault, it is my greatest great fault. we have to see born as we are, we live for a very short time.

Do give it a listen.

Ryan joins Screen Bandita at Summerhall

January 27, 2014

Screen Bandita and myself will be teaming up  for some audio-visual shenanigans on Tuesday February 11 at Summerhall, hope to see you there!

Adrift (In the Archive)

Harnessing spoken word, found celluloid film, slides, vintage ephemera and gramophones, Van Winkle and Screen Bandita conjure forth a mesmerising and surreal piece that unfolds and unpacks suitcases of memory, place and experience.
Drawing inspiration from the stories springing from the resonant walls and dusty corners of times past, these archival inquisitors weave a new audio visual tapestry before your very eyes; unravelling stories and episodes suspended in time and illuminating those fragments of presence and memory lingering in and about the ether, left behind by the rich cast of characters who have passed through.

What: Adrift (In the Archive)

Where: Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL

When: 7.30-8.15pm, Tuesday February 11

How Much: £5