Five poems in translation in Exit Revue de Poésie

May 22, 2016

13240613_1059128557494886_3107185767143300520_nI have five poems translated into French in issue no.83 of Exit – Revue de poésie, the Montréal-based francophone poetry magazine. They are ‘The Flood’, ‘The Apartment’, ‘Window, Not Sky’, ‘Summer Nights, Walking’, and ‘Untitled (Lincoln)’.

Poems in translation on Lyrikline

October 3, 2015

So totally delighted to have fifteen of my poems posted in translation on Lyrikline: Untitled (Howe)The Ocean I Call MineWindow, Not SkyUnfinished Rooms, The ApartmentThe FloodI Do Not Want Rain for RainBabelA Raincoat, A Spell of Rain Ago, Oregon TrailMy 100-Year-Old GhostSummer Nights, WalkingUntitled (Lincoln)Waiting for the Ocean, and The Duke in Pines appear in their original English plus translations into Arabic, Turkish, Bulgarian, German and Bosnian.

Thanks so much to the translators for all their hard work, and thanks to VERSschmuggel, Highlight Arts & Literature Across Frontiers who facilitated many of these versions.