“Wait, Listen, If” published in The Missing Slate Anthology

June 2, 2015

My poem, “Wait, Listen, If”, has been published in The Missing Slate‘s inaugural print issue, 2014: In Retrospect. It appears alongside work from Pakistan, India, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Austria, Barbados, the United Kingdom, the United States, Slovakia, Hungary, Iran, Canada, Ghana, Singapore, Germany, Lebanon, Poland, and Bangladesh, and I’m totally chuffed to be in such fine company.

The Missing Slate’s inaugural print issue features the best work we’ve published in 2014 — in both web and digital — PLUS content exclusive to the anthology. This issue marks the first time the magazine takes a definitive socio-political stance against the political crises of the moment, with commentaries on the Gaza conflict, nodding at the nature of “freedom”, the increasingly misogynous portrayals of women on TV, dissecting the political undercurrents in superhero mythology, highlighting the forms of sexual power showcased in Pakistani Urdu writer Ismat Chugtai’s work, and humanity’s constant quest for “more”, in thoughtful editorials of current events as part of a larger conversation.”

Ryan Is One of The Missing Slate’s Emerging Poets

March 24, 2013

Great news! Pakistan-based arts magazine The Missing Slate has included yours truly as part of a massively exciting bunch of emerging British poets in an extended feature/showcase. Even more excitingly, you can read the whole thing as a digital edition here! The feature includes an introduction from Todd Swift and work from Jen Hadfield, Jon Stone, SJ Fowler, Liz Berry, Lorraine Mariner, Anna Selby and a bunch of others. The whole collection is really worth a concentrated read, and I defy you not to find something to grab your attention.

On the site, just click on the button marked ‘Expand’ on the Winter 2013 edition. The Emerging British Poets section starts at page 52 via a totally fancy magazine viewer, or jump straight to my poems if you’re not inclined to read anybody else’s. But that’s a terrible idea.

The Missing Slate is a quarterly magazine run by a really excellent group of young editors and creators, and really worth keeping tabs on. You can check out regular features and articles on their main site, or if you like using Facebook, they maintain a really active and appealing profile here.