Ryan in Italian in Formavera

June 13, 2014

For the first time my family can read my work in Italian! Here’s ‘Thirteen’, ‘My Hundred-Year-Old Ghost’, ‘The Grave-tender’, ‘Cassella: the Pastor’s son’, ‘The Water is Cold’, and ‘Tomorrow, the Red Birds’, both the translated versions and the originals, published in formavera, an excellent Italian-language poetry magazine.

Poets in Prague on the SPL Podcast

November 8, 2013

I recently visited Prague with Literature Across Frontiers and chatted to a selection of poets he met there. We begin with Tomáš Míka, a poet, hip-hop artist and translator of many works including James Hogg and Samuel Beckett, who reads his poem ‘If we do not entertain ourselves, they will entertain us’ and discusses his chaotic ‘maximalist’ approach to poetry performance. Translator, poet and episodic essayist Ondřej Buddeus‎ reads his poem ‘bit-poetics’, tells us why Google is both a poetic and hilarious word and how he is exploring how language adapts to new technology. Playwright and poet Kerry Shawn Keys reads one of his poems and tells us about how he used to experiment with ‘trance’ states. Glasgow born and Prague based writer Christopher Crawford, the editor of online magazine Body reads one of his poems and talks about his approach to editing.