This New Year season I’ll be taking Red, Like Our Room Used to Feel to sunny Australia for the Woodford Folk Festival! It will be warm, nay, HOT, it will be in a tent, it will be the festive season like you’ve never seen it.

We’re performing in Artisania from Friday 27 Dec – Wed 1 Jan, and on New Year’s Day 2014, enjoy a final feeding word frenzy with this post-NYE bain marie including the tender poetry wings of yours truly, the black pudding of punk-folk Billy Liar, and the sweet alphabet soup of Lady Rose. MC Ghostboy.┬áIt would be excellent if you came and joined us.

Enjoy a rare, intimate, one-on-one poetry reading with poet Ryan Van Winkle. Hide away in a cosy bed-sit, among trinkets, ephemera, artworks and an original score. Select your poems, lay back, make yourself at home, enjoy a snifter of port or a spot of Earl Grey, and drink in the specially created atmosphere.