The Golden Hour returns to the womb. Which sounds just about as painful as this may be.


Words, Music, Cartoons all in a beautiful space.

Words by:Jane Flett – She has a soft spot for gin, cheese, coffee, and flamingoes.

Lynsey May – Stories which wrap you in a blanket and then squeeze.

Nick Holdstock – Is just lucky to be out of the house.

Music by:

Andy McKay – A very nice man with a banjo. Original satire, old time twang, babies in the morning, a stoop at sunset.

Lake Montgomery – Singersongwriter. Born in Paris, Texas. Lost in Europa.

Turtle Lamone – Piano-playing, Springsteen-influenced, melodic rock with punk ideals.

Hope to see you all in Forest on Sunday the 16th!

Where: The Forest Café, 141 Lauriston Place, Tollcross
When: 7pm – when we fall over
How much: Zero Euro.