One of my favourite music sites is the fantastically diverse, brilliantly local and artist-driven site: For just £10 a year you get 120 great songs which you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere. The bonus is, all the artists involved get a fair percentage of the profits — a much better deal then they get using i-tunes (boo, hiss!). So, if you are feeling guilty about illegally “stealing” music from .torrent sites, pay your dues to the artists who need the money and support TenTracks by taking out a subscription.

With all this in mind, it is a great pleasure to say that you can now buy ten of the eighteen tracks from our Golden Hour Vol. II CD on the TenTracks website including new material from Diddley Squat, Chandra, Mat Riviere, Robin Grey and The Asazi Space Funk Explosion! You can buy the tracks for ONE QUID or take out a full subscription for £10! It really is a bargain and a delight to get all this great music so even if you own the GH Books – do take out a subscription.

Here’s what they say:

“The Police Box proudly presents its pick of tunes from the acclaimed new writing and music publication by Edinburgh’s Forest Cafe. A quid says this is genuinely stereotype-busting quality”

And while I am on the plug:

You get a free TenTracks bundle when you buy tickets to the massive Hidden Door Art Festival at the Roxy on 30 / 31 January. You can read about what I’ll be doing here. I’m super keen to see Action Group, Jesus H Foxx, Foxgang, Joe Acheson Quartet, Panda Su, and William Douglas live. Basically, every great band in Edinbrugh and Glasgow is going to be playing this thing – it’s worth the money to be there.

It is practically guaranteed to be an amazing weekend of music, art installations, poetry and dancing so buy your tickets now.

Tickets NOW ON SALE at Tickets Scotland, Ripping Records, Leith School of Art and Edinburgh College of Art at the SRC.


FREE with each ticket: 10 mp3 music tracks by bands playing at the festival from Tentracks, plus video trailer of artists work with music by Jesus H. Foxx.

Instructions on how to get your free music and video on:

To be honest, the ticket stuff is a bit confusing but here’s an understandable break-down:poster hidden door email

There are tickets for 4 different time slots: afternoon (1 – 8 pm) or evening (6 – 12 pm), Saturday or Sunday @ £10 per slot (there are different bands playing at different slots so a look at the full programme on will help you decide.)
OR for 1 week only: 2 tickets for the price of 1, if bought off an contributor (me) so we can sell tickets to our pals, (tickets online etc, will still be same price, £10 each). SO, I can sell you two tickets for any of the sessions for £10
OR there’s a 50% discount for anyone buying tickets for extra slots, anytime. So you can buy tickets for all of Saturday
OR all of Sunday for £15 per person
OR £25 per person for the whole weekend, which means you can dip in and out for the whole weekend! (obviously the 2 for 1 doesn’t apply to this deal)
I know this all sounds a bit confusing, but basically you need to decide when you would like to be in on the action! As there are events, installations over 3 floors, the stage for the bands, food from the lovely Suzie’s Diner and a bar, there’s plenty to keep you amused and occupied for hours!

Look at the event on facebook and sign up!

I hope to see you there, here and everywhere.