Ryan in Robinson — St. Andrew’s, 7/3/12

I’m excited to reprise my role in this great poetry / jazz project. I’ll be reading Brian Johnstone’s poem, music will be playing and I will be enjoying myself immensely. Join us in St: Andrews! Details below, tickets here. RVW

Richard Ingham and poet Brian Johnstone have been working together since 2007 when they formed, with bass player Louise Major, the poetry & jazz group Trio Verso whose performances have included the Big Tent Festival, Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre and the Ted Hughes Festival in Yorkshire.

2011 saw an altogether larger collaboration: a setting for 20 piece jazz orchestra of the narrative poem Robinson. The evening features a set from Trio Verso and a full performance of Robinson featuring soloists Colin Steele (trumpet) and John Kenny (trombone).

Expect an evening of “bizarre clarinet-play, blasphemous saxophony” and “dark primeval sonorities” in a “living tapestry of sound”.

Time(s) of Event: 7.30pm
Start Date: 07/03/2012 End Date: 07/03/2012
Ticket Prices: £9
Location of Event:AB Paterson Auditorium