goldenhouriraqThis month the Golden Hour is proud to play host to the Reel Iraq Festival, featuring some of Iraq’s most prominent authors and poets, with a few local favourites thrown in for good measure. Come along for a chance to hear some of the best work in modern Iraqi literature!

When: Wednesday May 2oth, 8pm

Where: The Forest, 3 Bristo Place

Cost: FREE

Booze: BYOB


Sinan Antoon – Poet, Novelist and filmmaker whose novel I’Jaam: An Iraqi Rhapsody was hailed as “a novel par excellence.”

Hussain al-Mozany – Short stories from the effervescent novelist and journalist.

Betool Khedairi – Born in Baghdad to an Iraqi father and Scottish mother. Her first novel, A Sky So Close, had been translated into English, Italian, French and Dutch and is worthy of study.

Saadi Youssef – Late 20th century Iraqi literature has been marked by writers such as Saadi Youssef whose poetry has been immensely popular since he started writing at the age of 17. He has published thirty-two collections, a volume of short stories, two novels, several essays, and four volumes of his collected works.

Jane Flett – With her new chapbook!


Les Enfant Bastard – The brilliant bastard will entertain or destroy you alternating between woeful anti-folk and sonic assault played on home-made noise makers.

The Tuberians – Sounds of distant lands!

Rob Hearne – guitar originals. Sounds you will like to hear.