You Lucky People!

Ultrachip VS Forest Closure Cover Art

Recent threats about the closure of  The Forest (a volunteer run, collectively owned, free arts and events space) has spurred the great folks on the Scottish Chip Music scene into creating an exclusive downloadable album! Wow. How cool! That means — with just £5 you can support The Forest and all the amazing things it does AND rock out to an awesome assemblage of cutting-edge music. How can you resist? I don’t know. For those of you who are unaware of the ChipMusic scene — Forest recently held a UltraChop festival which you can read about on the Guardian Blog — bringing these underground sounds to an unsuspecting Fringe Festival audience (for free!). Chip Music often uses video game consoles re-wired to create lush and unique new beats and melodies. If you have never heard it before, get your start here. It is for a good cause and it is a perfect introduction to a new breed of musician. Dig it.x

Buy UltraChip vs Forest HERE