As if that weren’t enough, Dan Gorman and yours truly will be back down south the following weekend for Ausform! Join us there for a personal slide-show for your eyes and ears only. You choose the journey and we will bring you on a sometimes surprising, sometime surreal, tour accompanied by the ambient sounds of the man they call Dan. Performances are one-to-one-to-Viewmaster, and last under 10 minutes. A rare chance to travel, listen and pause in one beautiful space. Ausform is an amazing festival of new artwork and dudes with vintage playthings. Come along! You’ll be glad you did.



From the site: The Ausform Platforms happens in November and April in Bristol where we present 4-6 new pieces of work from artists we think are exciting. Ausform presents local, national, as well as, international work. We present work which has not been shown in Bristol before. We aim to work with a mixed bag of artists we believe in.

The festival runs over four days at the Cube and The Parlour Showrooms from 11-14 April, and includes performances and exhibits from six artists. You can buy tickets here for all six events for the awesome value of £13.50.

Where: The Parlour Showrooms, 31/31a College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TB.

When: SATURDAY: Cafe open 11-8pm – VIEWMASTER a slideshow for one (one-to-one performance) Ryan Van Winkle and Dan Seizure 1-3pm + 4-6pm
FUMES from Noemi Iglesias 3pm + 8pm (limited capacity)

SUNDAY: Cafe open 11-6pm – VIEWMASTER a slideshow for one (one-to-one performance) Ryan Van Winkle and Dan Seizure 1-3pm + 4-6pm

How Much: £13.50 for all festival events.