Virtual Book Tour Round-Up!

In support of my first collection of poems — Tomorrow, We Will Live Here — I embarked on a ‘Virtual Book Tour’ visiting blogs all over the world. Well, mostly in English speaking countries. I talked waaaaaay too much in these blogs so I’m going to say very little here. You can follow the links below to find fodder for why you should hate me OR just Buy The Book. It will make a wonderfully ironic Christmas present. Thanks to everyone who let me appear on their space. Thanks for the great questions and for the kind indulgence!

12 November:

Ryan discussed his dream poet/musician collaboration, amongst other things, whilst preparing to read at the Crashaw Prize launch at the Phoenix Artist Club  watch the video

14 November: Our sweet old etcetera…

What to your ear and eye is the finest poem ever written?

That is a totally insane question. The finest poem ever written is …   read more

16 November: Global Poetry System:

One of the pieces you’ve uploaded to GPS shows an extract from Wendell Berry’s poem “How to be a poet”. Why does this poem resonate with you?

Berry reminds himself of the simple things. Like …  read more

18 November: Rob A. Mackenzie’s Surroundings blog

‘I’ and ‘we’ feature in many of your poems. Would you class yourself as a confessional poet? Or at least in the general line of Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, and Sharon Olds?

No, I don’t think I would, though I at times… read more

20 November: Robin Grey

When did the words start?

Grey, I like that question, it is something I don’t think about often enough. The words started when …   read more

24 November: Scottish Book Trust

What book do you wish you had written?

There are many. Recently, I wished I wrote … read more

26 November: Flotsam

How do you feel about the ‘homes’ of your poems? And are your poems an instrument of creating/ destroying places?

Home, an excellent starting point! I think the end of that poem is…   read more

28 November: Molossus

Most underrated living poet?

All poets are underrated, don’t you think? … read more

30 November: Dan Meth

DAN: Do you find it liberating to purge the melancholia into your work?

RYAN: Meth, as you know, I am happiest when I am most uncomfortable. This is why we went to a guerilla saloon in Kelv, visited the worst town in Mexico and why we laughed so much while hitchhiking through the desert at night while being followed by rabid wolves. Other people would want to be poolside. Other people would go to a Greek island. But “we pursue the darkness and there we find the light of joy.” – Zemeckis, (1988)

Cartoons Feature in this ONE! YES

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