I Love Withered Hand

So, it was a pleasure and an honor to sit down and chat with him for the Let’s Get Lyrical festival. Withered Hand is Dan Wilson and you might be able to tell from the podcast that we’re friends, have travelled around Scotland and Europe together as part of The Forest’s Golden Hour. During that time Dan was working on his brilliant first album ‘Good News’ and I became pretty intimate with his songs. This is no surprise — many people feel like they can snuggle up inside Withered Hand’s melody and lyrics. They are by turns honest, sarcastic, poppy, whimsical, sexual, and uplifting. If you don’t own a copy of Good News, you should go buy it now and support Dan’s amazing work. There’s an old Tori Amos advert from when they were advertising ‘Little Earthquakes’ on TV. The tag-line was, ‘When Tori Amos sings, something inside you listens.’ It’s a pretty cheesy line but I think it is super appropriate line for Withered Hand. Listen now:

We speak with the amazing Dan Willson aka Withered Hand about song lyrics, poetry, songwriting and how his writing is informed by his own life. Including numerous tracks by one of music’s brightest new talents. Presented by Ryan Van Winkle of the Scottish Poetry Library. Produced by Colin Fraser for Lets Get Lyrical, http://www.letsgetlyrical.com and Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature.