Some events where you will find Ryan reading or performing in some manner. Please come.

Wednesday 4th August, 6:00pm  – Free
Blackwell, 53-62 South Bridge Edinburgh

Join us to celebrate the launch of the latest volume of New Scottish Writing. My poem is in there. Buy the book.

Stone Going Home Again: New Writing Scotland 28

Sunday, 15 August, 20.00 — £7/5

The Word Express project has taken young writers on literary journeys through the Balkans and South-east Europe. In this event, six poets involved in the project give a special performance. Come and hear Gokçenur Ç and Efe Duyan from Turkey; Katerina Iliopoulou and Yannis Isidorou from Greece; Marko Poga?ar from Croatia; and Raman Mundair and Ryan Van Winkle from Scotland in this truly international event.

Part of our After The Wall: The New Europe series of events.

In association with Literature Across Frontiers and the Scottish Poetry Library

© britainonview/Rod Edwards

Wednesday, 18 August, 20.00 –Free
lidija haas – stops the presses with her new chapbook

al  kennedy – novelist, comedian, rude and wonderful.

nick holdstock — they call him “strong meat”.
ryan van winkle – short poems, long stories.

Earl Grey and the Loose Leaves – A brawling bar-room  blues band that sounds like Captain Beefheart oan the train over tae Howlin’ Wolf’s hoose fur a bevvy and a brace with Sonny Terry and the Mississippi Sheiks. Contagious.

&&&& loads more!!!!

19 – 22 August – Various Times – Free, The Forest
part of The Forest Fringe “Secret Festival”
In an intimate poetry performance in a Red Room. There’s a bed. A snifter of port. Some tea and  biscuts. Art work. Soundscapes by Ragland and, of course, some poems.
“Red Like Our Room Used To Feel” is many things. It is an intimate poetry performance from Ryan Van Winkle. It is an audial experience featuring new ambient noises from Ragland that will crawl up inside you. It is an art installation with paintings , photographs and object d’arte from a host of Edinburgh artists. It is joy, memory and loss condensed into fifteen minutes. So, come, lay down, have a cup of tea, enjoy a snifter of port, close your eyes and be where you want to be…

Download the FREE CD HERE

Wednesday, 25 August, 21.00, Free
Live and Kicking in the Spiegeltent! Check the HYPE!


Ryan Van Winkle – Reader in Residence at the Scottish Poetry Library


Surprise Book Festival Guests

Music From ::::::::

Withered Hand – intense, eccentric, bittersweet and very wry original songs.
The Sea, The Sea — lyrical lushness from Jed Milroy and Hailey Beavis featuring bouncing bluegrass licks and double bass band.


Black Diamond Express ‘are like the fastest train of the Lehigh Valley Railroad… a nine-piece band soaked in poetry, myth and bourbon.’ (Mark Edmundson, The List). The Black Diamond Express live and perform in Edinburgh.


23 August · 6:30pm – 8:30pm – Free

A unique chance to hear a fantastic international line-up of Salt poets at the Free Fringe – Simon Barraclough, Julia Bird, Isobel Dixon, Mark Granier, Rob A. Mackenzie. Andrew Philip, Eleanor Rees, and Ryan Van Winkle.

Salt Publishing

Saturday 4 September, Stornoway Book Festival, 21.00 – Free

The Golden Hour returns to Stornoway to make magic in the lovely An Lantair venue. Here’s who is performing:


Ryan Van Winkle – Short poems, long stories

Kei Miller – poet, novelist, award-winner. Really, you love him already and you don’t even know.

Listen to him on the SPL Poetry Podcast!


Hailey Beavis – an angelic voice, but devilish on six strings.

Foxgang –  punked-up reggae and pop and Fox Gang stap your dancing wellies on!