The Golden Hour has packed houses throughout the world — from the Edinburgh International Book Festival all the way to Melbourne with stops in Berlin, Paris, Beirut and Montreal. We’ve selected a zesty melange of talent  — those who will make you pause, ponder, dance and stomp. All specially infused – a feast for all your senses.

During the day we welcome you into our lovingly painted venue-on-wheels — join us for bespoke mini-gigs with renowned poets and songwriters, fragrance workshops, and secret surprises. By night, we go late and lively for an unforgettable cabaret style cavalcade of new writing, blistering, blissful music, and infused dance performances all in a beautiful space.

We’re going to be on our merry way for two weeks from 9-14 and 20-27 all across the island, we have a huge number of wonderful and talented artists joining us along the way, and all relevant info is available here. Every single show is FREE, and our quest proceeds thusly:

9 Oct – Glasgow – Mono – 7.30-11pm

Emily Ballou, Kirsty Logan, Lake Montgomery, Jack of Diamonds of Black Diamond Express, Bobok.

10 Oct – Stirling – The Junk Rooms – 7-11pm

Wayne Price, Kirsten Innes, Lake Montgomery, Andy Mckay, Miaoux Miaoux.

11 Oct – Edinburgh – InSpace – 7-11pm

Wayne Price, Jenni Fagan, Tim Turnbull, Jack of Diamonds, Miaoux Miaoux, The Watch Thieves.

12 Oct – Newcastle – van show only, noonish, check site for details

Degna Stone, William Letford, Billy Liar, Hailey Beavis.

13 Oct – Sheffield – Haggler’s Corner – 7pm-1am

Anneliese Mackintosh, William Letford, Ryan Van Winkle, Billy Liar, Hailey Beavis, SPECIAL SURPRISE GUESTS 😮

14 Oct – Manchester – King’s Arms – 7-11pm

– Anneliese MackintoshWilliam LetfordRyan Van WinkleBilly LiarHailey Beavis, The Payroll Union.

Here’s a tasty teaser of what we’ve got in store:

See you there!