I admit, I found this hard to watch, Carruth seems frail and has to pause a lot. The last time I saw Hayden Carruth, he was able to stand by himself and we were both younger. But that goes without saying, I suppose, everything that has happened, happened when we were younger. Anyway, it was great to find this poem from one of my favourite writers about one of my favourite writers. I went looking for this because the American Poetry Review had a great Carruth supplement recently and I realized I hadn’t heard his voice since I was a teenager. So, it was a pleasure to find this and, you know, to learn that Carver was clumsy. Thanks youtubes! If you are looking for a great book of poems — I suggest “Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey” it remains on for my all-time favourites and I am sure most will fall into it with similar affection.