The Skinny

So, the fine Keir Hind from The Skinny asked me to do something humiliating. He asked me to write a review of my own book, ‘Tomorrow, We Will Live Here‘, in the style of the brilliant film ‘The Five Obstructions‘ by Lars Von Trier. In the film Lars asks a director to re-create his film but with five different constraints. It was frustrating and humiliating for the director, Jorgen Leth, and for the poet — me. Ryan Van Winkle

So, dear reader, you have a few options now:

1) You can read the embarrassing ‘self-review’ here and then feel so sad for me you go and buy my book — here.

2) Skip the ‘review’ and just go on and buy the book.

3) Skip both of these things and learn more about ‘The Five Obstructions’ below by enjoying the original version of one of the finest short films of all time.


The Perfect Human

And here is one of the re-makes from Cuba


The Perfect Human, Cuba