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I was happy to be invited by Conor Mahood to take part in his one thousand stories project. I’m pretty sure I ruined the whole thing as my other friends who have done it are far more interesting and articulate than I. So, if you don’t want to listen to me, you can hear Deborah PearsonHolly Conrad or Morgan McBride all of whom know how to actually speak.

Here’s what Conor says about the porject:

A Thousand Stories is a podcast project where I will interview people using the same rough pool of questions each time and see what emerges.

Though it’s from a pool of questions, I may ask someone all or only a couple of these in the actual interview.

The goal is one thousand people.


And here is my contribution to the project — The Lucky Episode 13

For the long-delayed 13th episode I interviewed Ryan Van Winkle, reader in residence at the Scottish Poetry Library and poet, author of the collection Tomorrow, We Will Live Here. Ryan also hosts a poetry podcast for the Scottish Poetry Library, find out more about it here.


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