A Poetry Association of Scotland Joint: 29 February, SPL

I’ll be doing a little poetry talking at the very nice Poetry Association of Scotland reading. It will be my first Edinburgh reading in something like 6 months and in the very wonderful Scottish Poetry Library, with the very amazing Andrew Forster who I last saw on a train. That last detail was pretty irrelevant. Anyway, Andrew is a very good poet. But don’t take my word for it. Our friend, poet, critic and fan-boy crush Vicki Feaver says his poems have ‘the visual power of paintings’ and the ‘depth and narrative structure of novels’. I will try not to embarrass myself in front of Andrew. You should come too, if only to see me fail.


Photo: Chris Scott



29 February 2012 – 6:30pm – 8:30pm


Scottish Poetry Library, 5 Crichton’s Close, Edinburgh EH8 8DT


£7 (concs £5)

The Poetry Association of Scotland presents two poets who write about desire, regret and loss but with a life-affirming warmth and perception. Telling stories full of people and places, exploring  moments of significance and discovery.

Andrew ForsterTerritory (Flambard)
Ryan Van WinkleTomorrow We will Live Here (Salt)