I love Northwords Now, I think it is a great poetry and prose magazine which has strong essays, reviews and, of course, quality new poetry and prose. Also, it is free! And due to this and super-wide distribution throughout Scotland, one of the only literary magazines I’ve ever seen being red on a bus!

So, it is lovely to have a new poem, “Going Up” published in the latest issue. It is double lovely to be in an issue with my good friend Nick Holdstock who has an tense story in there called “How to Bait a Hook“. It is a dark piece and very worth reading. There’s also an excerpt from “The Two Sides of The Pass” a poetic conversation in Gaelic and English between Maoilios Caimbeul and Mark O Goodwin plus an enlightening review of John Glenday’s endlessly good book “Grain”. You can download the whole issue as a .pdf here. Or pick it up at The Forest, The Scottish Poetry Library or numerous other places. Check the Northwords website for more information.

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If you are interested, I inteviewed Maoilios Cambeul, Mark Goodwin and John Glenday for the Scottish Poetry Library podcast. You can hear the podcasts below but please, if you can, subscribe. It is free and easy and the podcasts will go direct to your music listening machine! How nifty. Enjoy the interviews!

Sleat, Skye

John Glenday and Kim Edgar

John Glenday talks about and reads from his new collection Grain (Picador) and we hear Kim Edgar’s wonderful musical response to John’s poem ‘Nothing to Hold Onto’…

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Maoilios Caimbeul and Mark O. Goodwin

Maoilios Caimbeul (Myles Campbell) and Mark O. Goodwin chat to Ryan about their recent book, The Two Sides of the Pass (Two Ravens Press, 2009), a conversation in poems across two languages and the landscape of the Isle of Skye…

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