Ryan hosting Highlight Arctic

April 2, 2015

If you like great films about parts of the world that don’t tend to cross our radar, Highlight Arts has just the thing. On Tuesday 14 April in the Red Lecture Theatre in Summerhall I’ll be hosting Highlight Arctic an evening of films, slides, stories and discussion on the landscape, ecology and culture of the High North, at a time when the Arctic region is experiencing enormous and rapid transition.

I’ll be joined by award-winning author Gavin Francis, geographic-architects Lateral North and the Highlight Arctic team to uncover some of the unique peoples, events, research and artworks shaping and defining life in the Arctic today. Hope to see you there!

What: Highlight Arctic

When: Tuesday 14 April, 8-9.30pm.

Where: Red Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, Edinburgh

How Much: £8/£6, (£4 for #SciPals students)

Ryan’s Podcast Double Bill

March 4, 2013

So much great stuff to update you on today, as we delve headlong into a brand new Culture Laser and embark on a shiny globetrotting Bookmarked with the Scottish Book Trust.

In the Laserland we explore the world of molecular mixology on this week’s episode with Paul Tvaroh of Lounge Bohemia, a place in Shoreditch where possession of a suit is grounds for summary ejection, and a place where some really excellent art and cocktails can be sampled with equal gusto. We talk Paul’s theatrical and playful creations, including a very unique shoe-based drink and a cocktail served in a hollowed out Bible “that smells like an old church and tastes like a priest – or vice versa”. We also feature the track MaraGnawa by Gol from their new album Strange Times – support them on Pledge Music, and listen to it right right here!

In the Bookmarked corner, I had the pleasure of talking to Gavin Francis , author of Empire Antarctica, about ice, silence and Emperor Penguins; we headed off to Mesopotamia for the Erbil Literature Festival in Kurdistan to hear from young Iraqi writer Sabrin Qadi and her our friend Krystelle Bamford; closer to home, I had a great chat with Glasgow crime author Caro Ramsay about her new book The Blood of Crows, which The Guardian called a “bleak, black and brilliant” read. So much great stuff to check out! And all at the click of a little triangle.